Attaining Courage

Sunday Service – 9-Aug-2020

Attaining Courage

2 Timothy 1:7 – FEAR: not merely a human disposition

— FEAR is a SPIRIT — and is NOT from God.

— FEAR [Def] — is an emotion of alarm caused by the expectation of danger.

— FEAR permeates the air today courtesy of the “prince of the air” -Ephesians 2:2

— Negative emotions have their place in God’s plan and can be a benefit those with Godly perspectives
1. Warns us of danger and can help us to take proper precautions
2. Help us “wake up” to spiritual realities we don’t see
It is said that “God will lead us to the edge of our resources to a point where true conversion can be realized”

3. Fear can challenge us to seek God more intimately and to believe His promises.

FAITH is the exact opposite of FEAR.

— It takes courage to act in FAITH.

-Courage [Def]– the state of mind or SPIRIT that enables one to face danger confidently and with resolution: It is both bravery and valentry while under fire.

— Example: David and Goliath. David rose to that level of courage; trained through the daily tasks, adversities and challenges he experienced.

— Through them he kept his eyes on God, singing praises in the midst of all of it. 

— David’s extreme and dramatic courage to face Goliath, was built up through his years of his fixed focus on God and the trusting relationship  he established with Him.

— Great courage doesn’t have to be defined by moments of dramatic decision alone.

— I believe that a life lived with smaller, daily acts of courage can also have a great impact on the world and can change lives.

—  True Everyday Heroes:

  1. Moms that choose to stay home and raise Godly children rather than pursuing lucrative careers
  2. Police officers
  3. Military defenders
  4. Firemen and Women
  5. EMTs and any type of first responder

— Daily, long-term courage can be as impactful as those who respond in emergencies

— Christians can be among the most courageous people alive B/C we serve the ONE who is above all rulers, authority, dominions, and powers.

— Satan is not the “Ying” to God’s “Yang”  – he is a created being that God uses for a specific purpose — just as we are created for a specific purpose also.

— Don’t let him bluff you through FEAR!

James 4:7 — “Resist the devil and he will flee.”

— This doesn’t mean –Shouting at or rebuking or renouncing him

— When you fight something you give it power; you give it as much power as you used to fight it.

— Your”fight” becomes a distraction that actually separates you from your power source. Your focus shifts away from God and onto the enemy.

Distracted (Grk – perispao)  “pulled all over the place “  DIVIDED

–(Grk — peri — root for the word,  peripheral — caught up in side issues; “pulled” by your emotions, problems, fears etc.

— Instead of fighting — accept your demons– see through them(Not agree with them). Understand what they are and their purposeRESIST by NOT giving them any power over you — and they will FLEE!

— It takes Courage to do this —  Trust and Faith in God’s love to do this
— Belief in your purpose and trust in the accompanying GRACE you’ll need  to fulfill it.
— Courage — is not an option for Christians

Rev 21;6-8 (Passion) Cowards lumped in with murderers, idolaters, sorcerers and the like  — all headed for the “Lake of Fire”

Coward — [Def] – one who displays ignoble(dishonorable) FEAR in the face of danger

— The devil uses fear to keep people in line to do his bidding

If FEAR rules you– Then FEAR is your Lord

Today, I resolve that FEAR will not rule me!
I will trust in the Lord, my God,
I will be strong and very courageous through every trial this week; leaning on God
In Jesus name — AMEN!