The Spirit of Truth – 18-Apr-2021

The Spirit of Truth
by Pastor Roy

“God’s desire is to TRANSFORM us not just INFORM us.”

– F.Frangipane

— Truth is more than facts or doctrine.
—  It is possible to know the Truth and still not walk in it

—  Eph 4:15 (AMP)

— Truth is a “Living Spirit” that needs a life through which to express itself

— Jn 14:6 — “I am the TRUTH ….”  —   Jesus

“Jesus does more than take us to heaven — he brings us into the Father’s presence.”

B. Simmons

— Matt 25:13, Lk 12:37  “Awake from your slumber”  — Jesus
— “Born Again” — a dramatic metaphor describing an ascent from unconsciousness to awareness

— Col 1:26-27 (TPT)  — A Divine Mystery  —  Christ dwelling within us

— Christ within transforms every command of God to a promised fulfillment
— Jesus within  — the TRUTH within — makes transformation possible

— 2 Thess 2:10  – ”… men perish b/c they did not receive the love of the Truth.”

— Suffering when searching for the TRUTH;
1. Disillusionment
2. Doubt and uncertainty
3. Humiliation

— Good News! – All suffering can be avoided by LOVING the TRUTH!

— Rev 3: 19-21 (TPT) – “Those I dearly love, I UNMASK and train.” — Jesus

–” Fear Not!”  – Cowardness is a refusal to TRUST God who has called us to walk in Truth.

— Jn 4:24 – The Father is looking for those who will worship in SPIRIT and TRUTH.

— Pretenders worship without TRUTH

— Jn 8: 32 (TPT)– The Truth releases true freedom in our lives

— Gal 5:9 – Toss the “Leaven of Pretense” from our lives

— 1Jn 3:2-3  — We shall be like Him

–2Cor 3:18 — transformation– look in a mirror and see Christ looking back

— “The fruit of the Spirit must be an expression and extension of the trueness of one’s life if it’s to be effective.”  — PR

— Relativism — the core of worldly wisdom

— Relativism — is a doctrine that states that knowledge, truth, and morality exists only in relation to culture, society, and historical context and are not absolute

— Relativism hates THE TRUTH b/c it is anchored in GOD who never changes and IS absolute

— Jn 3: 19-21 — The Righteous are  characterized by their love of the “Light of Truth”

— The Righteous TRUST God

— Not sure if you’re righteous?  – Ask God‘s help. 

 — Heb 4:16  — Come confidently before the throne of grace and receive mercy and grace in your time of need.

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