Simple Faith – 02-May-2021

Simple Faith

by Pastor Roy

— Postmodern worldview  — Nothing is truly knowable.  -No cycles, patterns, or absolutes

— Postmodern thinking — allows one to discredit and discount everything and everyone leaving loneliness and insecurity as a result

— Philosophically — Nihilism — NIHIL = NOTHING

— Creates a “Market Mentality” –  things have no INHERENT value only EXCHANGE value.

— “The Temple of Creation” becomes a place of buying and selling.   (Jn 2:15)

Col 1:27 – The Great Mystery  — Christ within our hope

Deception — Not a misrepresentation of doctrines or codes but is a result of NOT KNOWING HIM

“Market” worldview — Pulling each other downward in the spiral of skepticism instead of the mobility of HUMILITY

— “As long as we keep trying to deal with the mystery of evil in some other way than FORGIVENESS and HEALING we will continue to create negative ideologies like fundamentalism and nihilism.”  – Richard Rohr

— 2Cor 5:17 — Jesus– Lives as the Bridge to transformation and the Model of the New Creation

— He saves us from ourselves and offers us an antidote for the poison of nihilistic thinking —    SIMPLY BELIEVE, with SIMPLE FAITH!

— “If you want to know what kind of tree you’re looking at, look at its FRUIT— not its botanical name.”

Jn 14:18-24 — “I will not leave you orphans…”

Jn 14:16 — Gives the Holy Spirit to help us

Gifts –1Cor 12:7-11  —  and  Fruit —  Gal 5:22-23

GIFTS are GIVEN and are irrevocable (Rom 11:29),

   FRUIT must be GROWN.” — PR

— Matt 7:20 — Known by our fruit

— “People of true faith LIVE as though they mean what they say they BELIEVE.” – PR

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