Shaking Free

Shaking Free

“Break through the FOG, into the FLOW, and Shake Free of the world!”

2Cor 10:4-5 (NKJV) — Cleanse thought channels

“Cast down arguments”  — B.Simmons — Citadels of argumentations

Citadel — A fortress that commands a city, used to CONTROL its inhabitants

Argumentations — Are not discussions of differences but are control devices spoken in arrogance. They are rebellious ideas and attributes that are subsequently reflected in rebellious and dishonorable behavior.

” High Things“ –  a PRIDEFUL attitude. It is a barrier to receiving the TRUE knowledge of God.

— Take prisoner every disobedient thought, scheme, or pattern of thought to stand before Christ’s reconciliation and cleansing

Renew your minds  — Rom 12:2(TPT) “Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you ….”

Rom 12:1 — Surrender to God is an act of WORSHIP

Col 3:2 (TPT)  — “Fix on the things that are from above…”

Col 1:19-21Embrace the Cross  – brings all things back to their original intent

Col 3:3-4 (TPT)  — The Cross severed the tie to this life and reveals our true life in Christ

Eph 6:18  “Two-Edged Sword” A) The Written Word  established will of God  

                                                            B) Communicated will of God — Relationship with Him

— “Success in gaining spiritual authority depends on the degree of surrender and obedience  we choose to make to both aspects of or dimensions of His Word.”  — PR

– Spiritual Conflict  — God has allowed it b/c through it our substance and character are tested and proven

Battles are won through the Christ-like thoughts and the character they produce.

Jer 17: 10  – “I, the Lord, search the heart and mind — I give according to the fruit of one’s doings”

— Power is given to those whose character is tested and proven– Lk 4:1  Lk 4: 14

The FRUIT of transformation is TRUTH — Peace (Shalom) 

— “In order to convey Truth and give Peace to others we must first have them in our own hearts.”  — [ Eph 4:15 – AMP ]

People of True Faith live as though they actually BELIEVE what they say they believe. 

True Freedom — is the ability to live in balance with all created things and being able to enjoy them and use them reasonably without becoming dependent on them.

Jesus’ life was SPENT — not SAVED!     He poured out the resources and gifts He had generously and so was never chained to them or imprisoned  and constrained by them

Jn 14:30  – “ …..he has no hold on me.” — Jesus 

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