Watering The Weeds Or Cultivating The Garden

Genesis 2:15

God’s design and desire for humanity – Free Choice

“I think God has more faith in us than we do in Him” – PR

Jesus: “The WAY – to the TRUTH – which leads to LIFE.”

Free Choice – a Two-Edged Sword that either Frees us or Enslaves us

Desire – “Hardwired” into our natural hardware by God

Wade Taylor – “He places within us the Desire to be apprehended for the very purpose that He had in mind when He first touched our spirits. We must believe this, and again to seek the outworking of that for which we were also apprehended.”

Apprehend – To intuitively grasp the meaning of something and be captured by it.

Without Desire, there’s nothing to impel us forward:

Our life energy is a product of our desires.

Denying desire = Denying our God-given nature and the ultimate purpose of our existence.

Attachments – Habits and idiosyncrasies added to the “True Self.”

Compulsive – when our desires “Take Over” – Result: Slaves to our own desires

1 Corinthians 12:10 – the gift of spiritual discernment

“Watering the weeds” – surrendering some of my inner freedom by arranging my life to serve my fears and aversions, thereby giving them the POWER to rule.

Matthew 27:1 – Pontius Pilate

God’s desire for mankind – to make “Life-Giving” choices leading to FREEDOM

A Word for RCF: “Stop watering the weeds that are growing in the midst of your garden.”

“Choose LIFE and direct your energies toward cultivating the Life-Giving fruit I’ve planted in the Garden of your hearts.”(Galatians 5:22-23)

“Remember, My Kingdom is within you. So, seek me with clean and clear hearts, and you will find me and apprehend what you were apprehended for.”

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