Building On Bedrock – 03-Oct-2021

See-Saw” Faith leaves us unstable and insecure.

Matt 7:24-27 – Building on an unshakeable foundation

“When a person feels moral clarity and a burning sense of purpose, they can often UNDERESTIMATE the complexity of an issue and OVERESTIMATE their own wisdom in solving the problem. Virtuous purpose can then become self-righteousness of our own sin.” – David French

Matt 4:7 – “REPENT….”

REPENT – METANOIA(GRK) – Meta – “Beyond” (preposition) – “Large” -(adj)

                      “Go beyond the mind.”  or  “Go into a large mind.

Mind -operates on a BINARY system (Right/Wrong – Good/Evil) of contrast and comparison (division and separation)  

“Get beyond the system of the mind because the “Kingdom of Oneness” will soon arrive.” – Jesus.

Binary – “Double-mindedness” – James 1:8 – Doubleminded = Unstable

Ezk 36:26 – “A NEW HEART” – Intuition, unity, aesthetics, creativity, image-forming, and symbolic capacities.

Jesus came to short circuit our mental wiring so we can be catapulted into a “Larger” way of being.

Rom 12:2 – Do not be conformed to the model of this age whose god is the devil

Conformed – “Accommodate” – Prove – Show through everyday life what is good, acceptable, and perfect.

Ps 27:1 (TPT)

Phil 3:14 – “I will press toward the mark…” – the finished work of the cross

Matt 5:3 (NKJ) – “Blessed are they who’ve come to the end of themselves”

Overcomers – Free from the limitation of this realm

Ps 40: 1-2,4 (NKJ)

“Child-like Faith” – not IMMATURITY  but  VULNERABILITY

Isa 6:1 – Uzziah – a type of the “World” system – Robe – God’s glory

1Jn 3:2(TPT) – We’ll be like Him when He’s revealed

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