by Pastor Roy Esposito

— Viewing Platform   –   How we see stuff

Eph 4:22 (AMP) —    Take Off / Put On

Illusions create Delusions  —   PR

Liminality – The “in-between” place  – A transitional period or phase in a rite of passage

John of the Cross “The Dark Night of the soul.”

Intrinsic to the very nature of faith is the invitation to the unknown, an invitation to a new and unfamiliar place.

— The “Walk of Faith” demands the letting go of all carved (graven) images; material and MENTAL b/c all humans have Disordered Desires and Attachments

— All attachments to sin, active or held within our hearts, must be broken and is a prerequisite for an elevated, God-inspired viewing platform

–God’s will must be desired but not out of fear of hell but from a love of heaven; out of a sincere and focused love of God

Jesus’ 40 days in the desert  — He emptied Himself of all His old images– of Himself, of God, of others and received new images of Himself as the Son of God and an image of God as ABBA

Transformation and Regeneration can’t happen in our heads. 

— We are converted only when we allow the breath of the Spirit to intermingle with the actual circumstances of our lives  — and then only if we allow the circumstances to “Speak” to us

—  When I refuse to allow my old self-image to be broken, I remain identified by it

Every event I experience will form images that have the power to snag and control me and cause me to serve them.

— Only when my present self-image is broken off me  can the Father give me a new self-image — that of a Son of God — I PUT ON SONSHIP 

Rom 8:16 (TPT)   “You are His beloved child!”

– Rom 8:14 (NKJ) –  Led of the Spirit of God — Sons of God

— New and elevated Viewing Platform — “Sons of God.”

Jn 5:19 — The Son only does what the father does

-1Cor 2:16  — We have the mind of Christ

Zech 4:6   — Not by might or by power — by My spirit

Rom 12:2 — Transformation — Spirit re-forms how we think

Eph 2:8 — Saved by Grace through Faith

— It’s His grace and favor that allow us to ascend, but it’s our FAITH that  ACTIVATES the grace that makes it possible

Lk 12:32  — Fear not. Father’s pleasure to give the Kingdom  — Grace and favor

Eph 4:23-24 (NEV)“Made” new in mind and spirit

Jn 14:26  – The Spirit will teach and RE-MIND you

1Jn 3:2 — We shall be like Him — for we shall SEE Him as He is

— New Identity:   SHINING REFLECTION OF GOD  — B. Simmons

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