RCF – Year 26: A Year of Opportunity

by Pastor Roy Esposito

RCF – Year 26:

A Year of Opportunity

by Roy Esposito

Jan 9, 2022

1 Corinthians 13:11(TPT)“…But the day came when I matured.”

Proverbs 25:2(TPT) – The honor of kings to seek a deeper meaning.

Genesis 1:2 – The earth lay in chaos, which overwhelmed it- its condition was universal ruin and darkness.

B. Simmons, “Darkness is a frequent metaphor for evil, misfortune, and death. It appears here that the darkness is more than the absence of light but a distinct entity.”

HOVERED – (Heb) to “incubate.”

John 10:10 – “Abundant life.”

John 6:63(NLT) – “The Spirit gives life.”

Psalm 16:8 – “I set the Lord before me – I shall not be moved.”

Psalm 16:11 – The path of life — Fullness of joy.