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  1. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to your blog before but after browsing through many of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely pleased I found it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

  2. I was curious if you ever considered changing the page layout of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two images. Maybe you could space it out better?

  3. I really can’t believe how great this site is. Keep up the good work. I’m going to tell all my friends about this place.

  4. I was brought to my knees because of the things going on my life that I feel is and was bringing me down. I was brought to You to be saved and that’s what I’m gonna do to the best of my ability. The Lord is working on me. Everyone here has given me a reason to believe and the love I feel from everyone is strengthening me.

    In the harmony of God’s song, I am a treble. I feel recharged. I got a word that I am a daughter of zion and Keeper of the Flame. I received a confirmation concerning starting a marching band. As of yet, only God knows. The ladies who prayed for me knew nothing about me or my ministry.

    I received healing in my body! in my legs! Blessed to be here for the weekend!

    This has been a glorious experience. It was my first time and I have been to many retreats. I must say this one is unique. God has confirmed the things that were happening in my life. This is a new chapter of my life and I was encouraged to trust the Lord more. I received an increase of faith.

    God is the God of messes. You can be comfortable in the messes along with the beauty. YOu can have peace amidst the messes whether spiritual, natural or even within other people. Grace, grace Lord. Your will be done.

    Being here for the last two and a ½ days was really refreshing for me. It reminded me that God knows who I am and that He cares and loves me. When my prophetic word was promise from God that He will take care of a current situation I am going through. I was blessed to be among all that were here. To God be the glory.

    This is more of a prayer than a testimony. I want to love Jesus more than I do. I want to go deeper than just obedience. This time of being with the Holy Spirit fills me with inspiration to go deeper with the Lord.

    The prophetic word was powerful and confirming. The first night I was here the Lord leaned over face to face with me and said, “ I am that I am.” His Presence was powerful and relaxing and freeing.

    God and Jesus have been my family for over 20 years. Not having a mom or dad in the flesh to turn to or ask advice I have always put God and Jesus in that place. There have been many times, more than I can count that I look to Them for help and answers whether talking to Them or looking in my bible. Not having a family hurts, but knowing I have Them at my side makes it better. It has been my saving Grace. I don’t let things get me down because I know my God, my Father has my back. He will never leave me and that gives me GREAT COMFORT!

    The Lord has confirmed several things through Pastor Roy’s letter about intangibles; the deeper I’m going in my relationship with the Lord. His Presence is so heavy here. Amen, When I was in the back room getting my private prophetic word at the beginning my eyes were closed. His PRESENCE was very heavy. I thought i might fall, I felt a Hand on my right elbow steadying me, I know NO ONE was THERE BUT JESUS. HE HOLDS ME UP. HALLELUJAH!
    Jesus has held me in His loving arms and encouraged me to receive restoration. He is so loving!

    He has given me a smile so real. MY heart doesn’t hurt. I found His true everlasting love I needed so badly. It will show me strength as I go on, but He will not turn His back on me. I’ve been pushed away by so many. Jesus hasn’t pushed me away. It is the most amazing feeling; being loved.

    God hears my prayers and answers them. 2. God has healed me from pain in my right foot. 3. God gave me a Scripture during the soaking time and directed me to read it right then. I did not want to disturb others so I quietly crawled to and from my seat. I have not been able to kneel let alone crawl in many years. [ unable to physically get on my knees until this afternoon]

    The Lord has brought me back. I strayed away from a deep connection. Holy Lord, thanks.

    My sister in law and brother in law were having marital problems. My sister in law called me to tell me that they were separating and she was signing a lease. She called again to tell me that it was official. I told her I would be praying. The prayer was for restoration. Every time I prayed God would bring a song to me. The song was “it’s Not over yet” When I spoke with her two weeks later, she told me that my brother in law begged her not to leave and that he was willing to now work at healing their marriage. Praise be to God!

    I had an awesome weekend and I feel like I have grown in my intimacy with the Lord. I have felt that I didn’t have the intimacy that I was longing for. This weekend I’ve felt like I have taken a few steps forward with soaking. I know I need to spend more time with Him. I feel like I have drawn closer to Him. I also felt like I have strengthened my faith. Thank you.

  5. I have been blessed over and over and over again. It was like the floodgates of heaven opened and restored, all illness, relationships, rekindled old friendships. I am nonored to be used for God’s glory, adn the testimonies confirmed that there was healing taking place on this weekend. It blessed my heart to be used for the Lord this weekend. All I can say is give me more of You O Lord! Fill me to be used for You. Open up the floodgates Pour out more and more of You in me. I loved the exercise using the paper heart. I also know that even though I cannot find my paperheart, God has branded me with all those compliments on my heart to carry within me. I believe that the Lord has touched me in many ways with every retreat, but there was something different about this one. Jesus was with us so strong and so intimately that you could feel His breath in the conference room. A little LOL when I was packing for the Retreat I looked int he mirror at my double chin, When I came back from the retreat I looked into the mirror and my double chin is no longer on my face.

    and my double chin is no longer on my face.

  6. Well I’m back in the city; the retreat is over. I’m always so sad when it’s over, but I came back feeling refreshed, blesses, clearheaded, my soul is always filled with joy and my heart is full of love. This year’s retreat was very special for me, none like in the past when I went. As all my friends know, I’ve been really sick. The kind of sick only God can fix. Anyway, I love going to the retreats and I went this year with high expectations, after all the lord is capable of anything as long as you believe. I mean truly believe and as time goes by I truly believe I leave things in Gods hands and I leave them there. I don’t take them back. I truly believe this retreat healed me. I know with everybody praying over me and Pastor Marie laying hands on me I am healed. Amen. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I know when I go Thursday I will get nothing but good news. God bless everyone who was with me through this long haul. Special thanks to Leha, Megan, my mom, my sister, Debra and Joanna. You guys never went one day without telling me that I was in your prayers, I feel blessed to have all of you in my life. You are all in my prayers too. God bless you all and I love you all so very much.🀄📖🌹🌠💟💝

  7. Women’s Retreat 2016

    The love and goodness of God flowed abundantly from the throne; from God to us and from one to another. The theme of this retreat was Immersed, and we were immersed!

  8. 2015
    Awesome weekend being reminded of the faithfulness of God, feeling grateful for His awesomeness to me, and lots of laughing and spending time with some fab ladies!

    He keeps me. He show me how much He loves me. He gives me hugs in time of need and lets me know that He will never leave me. He is getting me stronger in knowing He Word and filling me with the Holy Spirit.

    God just gave me a blessing of admiration and confirmation of where I am in God. Refreshing fresh Presence of the Spirit has filled me.

    A remembrance of His goodness and faithfulness to supply all of our needs according to His glory.

    I came with anticipation to rest and receive. Jesus has met me where I am. Jesus has encouraged my heart. I’ve experienced great peace and released my fears to Him. Fellowship has been sweet this weekend.

    God showed me how great the Holy Spirit is and how much God loves us.

    I asked the Lord 3 years ago to really bring me closer to Him and to show he Who He is and to help me to really get to know Him. Since then it has been a whirlwind of ups and downs but finally I am seeing Who He really is. Since I gave that first prayer He has taught me so much through those down seasons. Amen!

    I had a wonderful time with all these beautiful women in Christ. They encouraged me and I have hope once again in my heart. I am so thankful for Pat my cousin and her women friends in her church and all the other women I have met while here at this unbelievable quaint place of our heavenly Father’s.

    I give glory to God for the Holy Ghost [ Spirit] encounter of a refresher. The ministering Word . the Mind of the Holy Spirit. Awesome Retreat! With a great group of women. Love it.

    Vision I saw of Jesus over the waters lifting me up and I heard, “You are going to a great place.”
    I received a healing: I can move my neck and look up again. { I couldn’t because I had surgery in Feb on my neck]
    Answer to prayer: y sister woke up from a semi-coma after her stroke last Saturday. Mo other sister had a revelation about Saul and Paul reinforced during yesterday’s talk.

    The Lord makes a way for me to come to the Retreat every year. Not only financially, but physically and spiritually as well. He is faithful to supply every need, every desire, and even surprises, too. I am loved.

    I was healed, and recovered, blessed and I was brought up spiritually to a new level in Christ. Thank you for letting Christ work through you. I had a blessed time in Christ.

    Thank the Lord for His lovingkindness. The Holy Spirit has showered me with His wonderful love and encouraged me to keep moving forward.

    I broke away from the family’s religious beliefs at 12 and went on my own to Babylon AOG and got baptized and born again. In the last 23 years life has gotten in the way although I didn’t go to church my beliefs haven’t left. I’ve still lived for Jesus! I found ti hard when I had four miscarriages and lost 4 babies in a row! I only blamed God and Jesus for my loss, but He knew I still loved him and continued to bless me and eight years later I gave birth to my baby. I’ve been homeless with my older 2 girls and now I own a home! He is so good and so forgiving..and His undying love is amazing. My whole life is a testimony to His work! I am who I am because of Jesus!

    The Lord is bringing joy back into my home! The Lord is healing my stress at work. The Holy Spirit has been helping me to evangelize.

    Very encouraged during prophetic ministry as God confirmed two very important words that I had previously received. Once again, my faith grew. Always love the opportunities to do business with God at the different stations. Going home cleansed, refreshed and re-energized. Thank you.

    I immediately felt the Presence of the Holy Spirit when we started soaking. I’m not used to just sitting still, I have to proclaim the name of Jesus when the Spirit gives me the utterance. I am on fire for Jesus but I must discern from Holy Spirit now and what and when I should speak or act and also give God the glory. Jesus told me how precious I am to Him. I am beautiful and that He loves me with an everlasting love. I am a lover and a warrior! Amen! And I know I was a disappointment to my children when I was younger and I asked my daughter for her forgiveness and she had already forgiven me a long time ago. I had to hear that from her in order to forgive myself. I’m not the same person now as I was then and I did the best I could then with what I had to work with. Praise God for Your forgiveness Jesus!!

    I was brought to my knees because of the things going on my life that I feel is and was bringing me down. I was brought to You to be saved and that’s what I’m gonna do to the best of my ability. The Lord is working on me.
    I was brought to my knees because of the things going on my life that I feel is and was bringing me down. I was brought to You to be saved and that’s what I’m gonna do to the best of my ability. The Lord is working on me. Everyone here has given me a reason to believe and the love I feel from everyone is strengthening me.

  9. RCF Women’s Retreat Testimony 2014

    When I first asked my daughter if she would like to go on a retreat I wasn't sure she would want to go. Boy was I wrong…she

    jumped at the chance in spite of her financial situation. It was an awesome time for the both of us as we got a chance to

    restore our relationship. It wasn't terribly damaged but it got better! My daughter was baptized in the Holy Spirit and made

    friends with all the ladies there. That blessed me! Now if she would only continue to go to church and get fed spiritually.

    For me personally I knew it was the Lord when He put on my heart to make the seat gifts for everyone.  He gave me the

    design, colors, and scripture. He made a way financially for me to make them and not only make them but donate money to

    a cause that I believe deeply in.  I have a ministry called "Beads Against Bondage". I'll make all types of jewelry to sell for

    the ministries that support the abolishment of human trafficking. The jewelry I make I don't give away without being able to

    donate what it would cost if I sold them.  I was able to donate $150, divided, to 3 different ministries, Exodus Cry, A21

    Campaign and Joyce Meyer Hand of Hope. Another blessing!!  The scripture I used "Drip down, O heavens, from above,

    and let the clouds pour down righteousness; Let the earth open up and salvation bear fruit, and righteousness spring up with

    it. I, the Lord, have created it" Isaiah 45:8

    It ministered to me like that of the former and latter rain. God's been pouring his love out to me, His righteousness in the

    glory cloud all around me and I'm the earth absorbing it, able to bring forth fruit from the seed planted in me from this retreat, for the Lord created me for a time such as this!
    God bless you, I love you

  10. RCF Testimonies- Women’s Retreats-

    2002-When it was announced that there would be a retreat this year I knew I had to attend. Last year the Lord gave me a vision, letting me know that all who were there were covered by His love. He gave me courage and released me of a burden I had been carrying. I didn’t know what word or message the Lord may give me, I only knew I had to attend. Because my finances were in bad shape I knew it would be a stretch to come up with the money needed. However, God being Who He is, put it into the heart of a loving sister so dear, to supply the money I needed. I will be eternally grateful. I was able to attend the retreat and my Loving Father met me there. He has filled me with His Spirit. He is with me always. At times during prayer and worship I felt Him so strongly. I have a problem standing. He has filled me with peace, grace and understanding not known before. Being alone I used to talk a lot to myself. Now I talk to Him all the time. It’s great. I know He hears me and He loves me. I love Him above all

    Blessed weekend, companionship, new experiences, warm welcomes, I felt close to the Lord, thank you.

    I came expecting I got alot more than expected. I did a tremendous amount of crying which I felt since my husband has passed. I keep the tears in alot, but I felt that God really spoke to me and I felt a spiritual connection. I also felt so much from the women there. What Kathy spoke and touched my heart. So much I could not stop crying. The song that was sung by Ariel and Joanna also was one of the most beautiful songs. The look on Ariel’s face while she was singing was so beautiful it brought me to tears. I felt God all over this room. I also saw my husband standing with his hand on God’s shoulder saying, “Look God, at my Angela, doesn’t she look happy.” It was a great healing for me.

    God gave me a time of much needed peace and rest. My prophetic time was so encouraging God is always so faithful to come. My sisters were so tuned into what God had to say and were right on target. Thank You God!

    God has reminded me of a calling to the prophetic that I have on my life. I was also blessed by
    the worship and the peace I found when sitting in His Presence. RENEWED! REVIVED!

    Holy Spirit invaded! Loved the tears in a bottle. All my disappointments given to God.

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