Grace to Listen, Grace to See

Grace to Listen, Grace to See

by Pastor Roy Esposito

Romans 12:3

Romans 12:6

Rev 21:15

Eph 4:7

Jer 29:13, Prov 8:17 — Seek/Find

Heb 4:16  —   “Find” grace  — implies seeking it.

New Grace —  More than a deeper understanding of God’s unmerited favor.

                       A fresh infusion of Divine Power to fulfill our destiny.

                                 David’s Qualification for Kingdom Leadership:

                  1. Loved God  2. Respected family  3. Did the daily tasks set before him

                                                    Psalms of David:

A vocabulary of God’s desires written on David’s heart and prophetically uttered through spontaneous worship which ushered in the Presence of God to the hearers.

2Chron 20:1-5

                                                 All Enemies Seek 5 things:

     1. The Land  2. The Harvest  3. To break the generational covenant  4.The worship  5. The Destiny

Molech –“To ascend to the throne.”

Lucifer “The anointed cherub that covers the throne.”  —   Ezk 28:14

Ezk 28:16 – Lucifer, cast down by God — left the throne uncovered.

Ps 22:3  – God enthroned on the praises of His people.

                                           3 Enemy Armies

Ammonites — Represent sexual perversion and perversion of the Truth.

Moabites —    Represent xenophobia: suspicion, rejection, and hatred of people of different cultures

Mt Seir   —    Represent an Erosion of faith

2Chron 20: 5-15  — Jahaziel  — “God will cause to see”  —   “Listen!”  —  ” See!”

“There is a grace coming available that will allow us to see into the realm of the Spirit (Heaven) where there is no debate about God’s authority.”  — PR

                     Jesus didn’t think logically, He thought optically.  —  Jn 5:19